Day 3…The Hills Are Alive and So are We with the Sound of…

100 Positive Activities Day 3

3.Use words that evoke strength, success and joy.

I couldn’t wait for Day 3…why ya wonder?
“Words that evoke…”
All I could think was…
Music!  I have 2 friends on FB that post good mood tunes…Monique and Jessica R…love it ladies…keep it up!

Lyrics, ah…some of my favorite words to evoke joy!

“lovin is what I got…remember that”-Sublime
“I am 32 flavors and then some…”-Ani Difranco
“it’s the end of the world as we know it…and I feel fine”-REM

So these activities should be fun and easy today…as yesterday was a challenge…can u say positive Theme song?!?

1. Today i will decide What is your good mood theme song? Post it on FB!and rock out to squash any negatives today!

2.Today i will write my last name down a piece of paper and list one amazing thing about myself using each letter.

3.pick a mantra…just pick one…we’ll use this later in the week”)

What is a mantra?

Don’t forget we are still talking positive and killing our inner critic one rocking tune at a time.
Can’t wait to listen to all the happy tunes.


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