I <3 the Weekend! Days 5-6

Saturday and Sunday Stay Positive all Weekend Long!

5. Re-Direct your thoughts. 

This is a technique used by psychotherapists…and yoginis too! They can help you to control your thoughts when you start to feel down, overwhelmed, anxious etc 
Try 3 re-direct tools this weekend.
1. Create a happy thought…paint, draw or doodle a happy thought and pin it in a place ya normally feel a lil less than positive(laundry room, gym, front of fridge, over your dish sink, home office, etc) make it a positive image that instantly makes ya smile! 

2. Give yourself positive feedback to keep bad feelings in check…instead of asking for others advice this weekend make a decision based on what you want! Ask yourself and trust yourself like ya would your bestie!

3. Own your S***! The point of this is not be perfect, but to fight triggers, think before we act, breathe and smile more!
So this weekend when that inner critic tries to beat ya up…write yourself a bullying ticket…yep! That’s right and post it where you can see it!
The fine is 20 mins of cardio(good for you time out 1) or (number 2) flossing your teeth-which I hope ya do anywho…but this above and beyond your normal workout or flossing”)

Keeping honest with your self will keep ya Positive and Skinny!


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