Doodling Motivation…Day 5-6 Recap

Days 5-6 where FUN…my little sister has been in town from Louisiana…so Beach daily(hello cute tan!), Baby clothing shopping(my nephew is not here until December, but I am helping build him quite the closet), eating(chimis, reese smores…need I say more?) and giggling were all we did:)

Staying positive was NO challenge this weekend (man do I wish everyday was like this!…umm?? isn’t that the point of these 100 days:)) and I am happy to report I have 2 days ticket free(will still floss…oh yay! living to 100+)…ahh…but will I make it the next 97 days ticket free?? Stay tuned…  That’s right…this one part is for the duration!

This weekend was very chill…so I had no real decisions to figure out on my own…but I promise to keep this task out there…Being my own bestie is something I am really trying to work on personally…my inner critic is on HOSPICE…Hooray!!!

I hope everyone enjoyed our Doodling, painting, etc…Activity!!!

My doodle above went right on the treadmill this afternoon… I am having a goodbye breakfast with my sis tomorrow and it is my long run day…So, my hope is that it can inspire me to run and fast so I can do 7 miles before breakfast:)

A goal with a built-in cheerleader…Sweet!  Keep Moving/Motivating and Keep Skinny!




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