Day 7…Made it to another MONDAY…BE WISE AND WILD!!!

100 Positive Attitude Activities

Day 7. Be Wise and Wild…keep it Real…Once a week…Analyze anything that didn’t go great or what went wrong.

Thinking positively doesn’t mean denying that there is ever anything wrong. Give yourself some time to think about the things that led up to any current situations giving ya trouble… so you can avoid future mistakes and live PRESENT.

I am feeling really great about this practice…I am learning new things about myself daily and embracing them with GRACE”) Being kind to myself has been easy and I am relaxing in a way I never realized I could(beyond meditating…acting with intention!) ❤ so much!

1. Today I will evaluate one area of my world and list 3 ways I WILL improve it in the next 93 days.(Be WISE)

2. Today I will give up
Should ofs for Want tos…I will explore(Be WILD) 3 new things this week…for the purpose of pure joy!

3.Today I will commit to (any exercise/moving)__________20 miles this week…on the Mill is what I commit to!____

4. Today I will own a character flaw and trash it…

I am too gorgeous to…

too smart to…

too classy to…

Don’t forget your mantra, good mood jams, and giving yourself props (positive self talk) or tickets(as if!!)…ya made it a whole week…SO SWEET all my SKINNY girls and boys!


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