Day 7…Homework Done…nite nite!

1. Today I will evaluate one area of my world and list 3 ways I WILL improve it in the next 93 days.(Be WISE)

“My Temper”
1. Work on thinking before I speak
2. Have patience with people
3. Avoid Negative or Frustrating people whenever possible

2. Today I will give up
Should ofs for Want tos…I will explore(Be WILD) 3 new
things this week…for the purpose of pure joy!

1.  I will try a new restaurant this week
2.  I will try a new beer this week
3.  I will try a new art/sport this week

3.Today I will commit to (any exercise)__________20 miles this week…on the Mill is what I commit to!____
I did 7 today…my farthest run yet…I was so proud…the
electric went out at about 4.6 miles and I was almost thrown off the mill”) ahh!!! But I started it again and finished up…lol
Thanks to my rocking playlist!

4. Today I will own a character flaw and trash it…
I am embracing most of my character flaws these days, but I do wish I could keep my office uncluttered”)

I am too gorgeous to…Not exercise and eat for health!
I am too smart to… ignore Tibet, Bad/No leadership in Washington,
And that hardly anything is made in USA
I am too classy to… not carry my reusable shopping bags and bottles!

Don’t forget your mantra, good mood jams, and giving yourself props (positive self talk)…ya made it a whole week…SO SWEET SKINNY!


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