100 Positive Activities…forget about it…

100 Positive Activities Day 9

9. Learning to move on…Forgive Yourself!

How often do we beat ourselves up for things gone wrong…things that we can’t change or control??!! Why do we do this? I’m over it…
Time to learn your lesson and Forgive Yourself…

Boy! did this come in the nic of time!? Or What?!
I have to admit I was awful tough on myself yesterday…moving on”)…today I will pay my fines and let those worries go.

On Day 7 we took the step of analyzing what goes wrong…today we forgive ourselves for our part in those things…and we move on…thankful for what we’ve learned…

What does your inner critic say now? “I forgive u” “I see the value of that lesson” “I grew from that experience”

1. Today I will record one lesson learned…forgive and forget!

2. Today I will create a forgiveness ritual…meditation, art, a hot bath, a letter burning, lol (set up a practice that soothes u)…our inner critic went on hospice last week…remember?…we are being good to ourselves so we can be positive in the world”) Awesome!

Remember to talk yourself up, meditate with your mantra and play your good mood tunes as needed”)


Keep Positive…Keep Skinny!


One thought on “100 Positive Activities…forget about it…

  1. I am so needing this today. Been in a funk the past couple of days. Trying to eliminate all the negativity around me….one step at a time.

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