Day 10…School’s in Session and Now I have Detention??

100 Positive Activities Day 10

10.Learning From the Past.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different outcomes or results??!!

So, now as I am typing this 2 things immediately wack me upside my head…
1. Late night snacking… I’ve gotten so much better with this… still one night a week I’ll eat something at say
10:30pm or so because I am up late and bored or hungry(not too hungry) and pay for it with a belly ache in the morning. WTF, Ursula you know the result.
Why do I repeat this moronic ritual?! Several issues:
Not being present…The big issue.
Lying to myself about my level of hunger…The bigger issue
And I simply have not yet learned I am happier on the mornings I close my kitchen at 830pm…Way Happier!!! The Biggest Issue

2. Control…I’ve got about as much control over others as a fat kid has over cake…lol
“the courage to accept what I can’t change and the wisdom to know the difference…”
We can’t control others…we can control ourselves and our reactions to others.
The Golden Rule…it really is as valuable as gold!  On days I greet others with love and compassion I win…BIG TIME! On the days I am trying to rule the world…I am frustrated, often angry and well…that is not the Ursula I want to be!!!

Now that I’ve given ya examples of not learning…or learning curves…lol

It’s Activity time!

Remember yesterday with logged a lesson learned…I have learned exercise keeps me anxiety free, and energized all day…so I do it!
But what made this lesson stick? While others not so much??

1. Dig deep!!! Why are we having to learn these lessons over and over…and what has worked in the past with other lessons we’ve not had to learn again?

2.  What happens in school when we don’t learn a lesson?  We get Fs or detention, or worse??
After you have logged your 2 lessons…keep an eye on your habits this week…if ya fall short write one full page
I will not snack late at night
I will not snack late at night
I will not snack late at night

Ya get the picture…follow this with your forgiveness ritual”)

I am starting to feel unstoppable thanks to the positive activities and all of y’all motivating yourselves and me!

Thanks for taking the journey and keeping skinny!


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