Day 12…A Super Fun Day!!!

10 things to make EveryDay more FUN!!!

1) race yourself…try to beat my last mile run time by at least 1 min
2) doodle sometime…an idea, to do list, dream…etc
3) eat fresh fruit that’s in season
4) read something about things that inspire
5) quality time with Sher and family
6) pinterest
7) create something crafty, arty, tasty, etc.
8) play your favorite mood music
9) yoga and/or meditation in a new spot
10) giggle, eat, shop and play with friends

I am grateful for
1) Patzi
2) magazines
3) water
4) living near the ocean
5) my new pumas

Take time to really RELAX tomorrow!
Your Keeping Positive, Your Keeping Skinny…ya deserve it!

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