Day 14… I am Strawberry Lemonade!

Today was a good day…it started with Private Yoga sesh, then I taught yoga and practiced our guided meditation. Find the good blessings…make all those lemons lemonade!

I am reading more and more about Tibet. Did ya know that Tibet has been unlawfully occupied by China for over 60 years and people there can be killed for owning a picture of their king?! WTF! But inspire of all this the Dahli Lama is still focused on the upside of things”)

He is a fearless and more over angerless leader.

This week I am speaking my truth in business…I have an irrational fear of saying “the price is the price”
Today I turned down a party that would of been a creative dream, but no profit. Bummer, but better for me.
I hope to start a new trend for my business”)

Keeping it real, helps ya keep skinny!
Until tomorrow my positive friends…

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