It’s Never to Late to Practice Positive! Day 14

100 Days of Positive Activities…a way of life…Day 14!

Yesterday’s off deserves a brief reflection…I gave, I shopped, I cooked, ate, loved, shared, had sooooo much fun…even did some planning…stay tuned for donation yoga dates in October”)

14. Think of everything as an opportunity!

Happy 2 Week Anniversary!  Today is The day that really drives the “Me”
Section of positive activities home…take those lemons, and make lemonade…with Strawberries. (oh, and by all means share a glass!)

Everything In life has a purpose, for You!…life does not happen TO us…it happens BECAUSE of us.

Choice-is the number 1 way to keep positive. “you are who you choose to be, you choose!”(I love the Iron Giant)

1.Today I will repeat 3 times in meditation “I choose to think of everything in life as an opportunity, where is the good blessing??”

2. Read for education, and Learn something new thing 1 new thing…suck up all the living ya can!!!  Write sentences about what ya now know…

3. Let go…fear little…live a lot!
Pledge to do one thing that scares you 3 times this week.
Share what the opportunity was…good blessings.

Keeping Positive makes Keeping Skinny a breeze!

Xoxo Gorgeous People!


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