Day 15…Dream a Big Dream!

100 positive activities…keep going…keep skinny!  Day 15!

I love to dream, daydream, picture beautiful things…I love to catalog art, music, motivational sayings…I love to pop on to others creative blogs,(check out, and reading, and meditation…all for inspiration!

I have imagined wonderful things in life…and they have come true. Finding love, creating art, teaching, cooking,running races, surfing…these are all things I visualized 1st…I think I need to visualize more girls nights, yard sale shopping, craft Sundays, travels with Sher abroad and…well ASAP! Lol

15. Work on visualizing. Imagine your most content positive self.

Today I will explore ME! Write your truth…then your dream…hopefully some match now!

1. Who are you? What does your life include? Who are your peers? What is your drive/purpose?

2. What do you desire most? How can you have it? What is holding you back?

3.In the next 10 days create a visualization board. Cut pictures, words, ideas that inspire your best most positive self!

Conquering our fears this week and planning for a bright future…help us Keep Skinny!


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