Anything is Possible Day 17

Another Great Positive Day! 
And 83 to go…

Dream with intension…visualize…and next thing ya know y’all be having yummy sushi and a most enjoyable girls night…I am now visualizing Sher and I in Holland and Italy”) (keep ya posted)
It is that simple!  Put your heart and mind on the same wave length…”Anything is possible!”-KG
(I can’t wait for Basketball Season to start”)
And Kevin Garnett is a wonderful example of someone who visualized himself a champion, worked hard for years and reaped the reward fulfilling his wildest dream!

17. List the reasons you will get what you want.

Today I am going to celebrate my tenacious spirit.  I have already removed can’t from my vocabulary, put my inner critic on hospice, and today I am giving new life to my subconscious by reminding myself how truly  Amazing I am! 

1. I will meditate with my mantra from 15 mins. This balance is essential. Be kind if your mind wanders…gently bring it back.

2. I will imagine the death of my inner critic and let go of my self doubts, my fears(don’t forget we are facing a fear 3x this week), and negative self talk! Let it all go it is wasted energy! Don’t morn this loss…CELEBRATE!

3. I will list 25 reasons I will succeed and make by visualizations my reality:  describe all your best and brightest abilities and skills…Go ahead toot your own horn! There is no more inner critic to stop u!

It is time we treat ourselves as the best friend we have, because we are the best friend we have.

Keep Happy and Keep Skinny!


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