100 Positive Activites Day 18″at Work” Section

For the last 17 days the focus has been on “Me” and all the activities that I can do to make myself positive. Starting today we are moving on to how we act in a work environment.

It is important that every aspect of our life is as positive as we can make it…even if your job is taking care of a household(what a huge job)it is essential to have positive coping skills and a lil fun too!

I am self employed<3 Staying motivated at work is sometimes
difficult because I am easily distracted by dirty dishes, playing with Tommy and Sher…etc.

Day 18. Be Constructive.

Don’t give yourself cruel feedback or unwarranted criticisms that will only put you in a bad mood and lessen your opportunities to Improve your work skills.

Today I will BE Constructive in how I speak to myself at work so I can learn and grow from past work.

1. Today I will eat a great breakfast, and everyday there after…waking up empty can cause havoc at work. The brain need fuel to signal to the rest of the body it’s daily tasks.

2. This week I will work to complete something at work…Procrastination OVER…I will report my task to myself and treat myself to a non food reward after it is done.

3. I will give myself a review…what constructive things can I do to improve on the job? Make more $? And be my best most positive me…

If you don’t have a job currently or are looking…use these activities to help with your hunt or your interactions at home.

And don’t forget it’s Friday…Sit up straight…Smile and start looking forward to the weekend!


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