Gone…but not forgotten…Now for Day 19!

I hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day! It’s funny how some of us labor just as hard and some of us eat??!!
I was quite pleased with my weekend having done a lil of both!  I tested amazing recipes, catered events and Yesterday I ran 5 miles as my short run…I can hardly believe 5 miles is my SHORT distance…YES!
What does this have to do with work??!! Well, as a healthy chef/yoga instructor staying in shape us part of my work…so how do we get from hard to walk a mile to running 5??!! Inspire yourself!

Day 19. Visualize a successful outcome. Picturing yourself at the end of a task before u start is a great way to stay positive during work…eg Our Dream Boards…

1.  Finish your board today and hang it someplace important!

2. Set a work goal and before ya even start it…write 1 sentence about how it feels to complete it.

3. What is the reward ya will give yourself for working hard this 4 day week?

Keep Inspiring yourself…and other will follow!


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