Day 20…WooHoo ya made it here! Now Sit Up Straight!

100 Positive Activities Day 20

Yesterday was a challenge for me…I am an excellent goal setter and my vision board…not a prob, but my inner critic…Agh! Ever since I went off my BC pill (maybe TMI) oh well…my inner critic has had life support”(.  Hello BUMMER!
Sometimes our mood is not entirely under our control…sometimes we get cramps, migraines, tennis elbow, etc…I changed my mantra this week “change your thoughts…change your life”!
I am proud of my responses to my inner critic and I have put in a DNR order for him…so hopefully(fingers and toes crossed) this guy will be gone soon!  The bottom line my workouts are still wonderful, my business is booming and I truly am happy even if my hormones are trying to derail it all…lol.
Today’s activity delights the yogini in me!

20. Sit up Straight! (yep that is all!)
Notice the confidence it alls…the belly gets drawn in to support it and well ya can breathe so much easier!

1. Sitting up straight improves brain function! Who of us couldn’t use a boost!

2. And stand up straight too!

3. Gently remind yourself of all the reasons ya have to be proud and taller”)

Keep positive to Keep Skinny!


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