Nobody’s Positive Everyday…but I Try!

No one is always Positive??!!

100 Days: Day 21

Yesterday was the definition of self inflicted misery!  I know a lil shocking??!! Or is it?
Seriously, I love being the lil miss sunshine type…it’s just not always possible.  NOBODY is perfect!

So well, my hormonal tornado swept me to and fro(nausea, hot flashes!)
“Damn You BC pill!”. I managed to muddle through (fake joy) from 6am to almost 7pm…but then…
I am not proud if it, but I picked a fight and even ignored a business
call worth potentially $ 10,000…
Wait! What, What, What???

So today’s Activity could not be more fitting for these kind of days…

21. Use your best coping skills at work.  There are lil things that make you feel better…push ya when you’re down and out…remind you to smile…etc.

1. What is your best coping skill?

I exercise…run, box, yoga and ballet…moving helps me workout(no pun intended…lol) my madness

2. Ask a friend or co worker for there best coping skill and take it for a test drive when needed…

3. Remember, changing our reaction is sometimes all we can do…maybe a bubble bath is helpful too”) lol

Keepin it Real to Keep Skinny


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