Today I Become an Asker!

100 Positive Activities Day 22

Hard to believe by the weekend we’ll be 1/4 done with these inspiring activities”)…all of ya who are coming along for this journey are just adding to my JOYous attitude and i so appreciate it!!!
Yesterday was a much better day!!! All my same physical issues were there and my Saints lost, but my positive attitude and Cathy’s yummy cookie gift keep me going.
I made some truly yummy vegan cuisine for
Fundraiser and gave my legs a needed rest from the mill.
All and all coping skills 1…cramps 0…woohoo!

Today is Friday…a sweet day for some and just another work day for others… Either way make it great!

Day 22.  Ask!!! How will ya get the support, raise or time ya need at work if ya don’t ASK…I promise the worst thing y’all hear is no.

Asking for what ya want out if life is how we make those dream boards a reality in all avenues of life…not just work! We all need others sometimes…don’t get in your own way thinking ya can do it ALL!?!

1. Make a wish list of 10 things ya should ask the universe for.

2. Make a list of 5 things ya will ask others for in the next 75 days.

3. Buy a small blank book or journal…we’ll use this over the weekend”)

Keep your head up and your spirit too!

I’m Asking ya all to try Meatless Mondays…giving up meat just one day a week can help save our earth…want to learn more?? Ask me! 🙂


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