Your Weekend Positive Workout

Today was sheer bliss…I let go and literally went with the flow…this is rare, because I am a scheduling girl. But I had today off so why not…
I hit the mat early…momentarily…and well!
I swam 10 double laps…3 1/2 strokes(butterfly needs major work)…I am NO swimmer so I ASKED my hubby to come tag along and coach”)
I baked…I watched too must see Docs…Forks over Knives and Hot Coffee…Ask for a chill day…as Cathy and Tara say”Thank you Universe, I’ll have some more…”

Being an Asker not so bad…

So this weekend I ASK of us all:

Days 23-24 Place Positive Images Everywhere
Let go…go with the flow!

1. Think About Your Work Space…
Does it inspire u? Is there something in it thank makes ya smile…think…create?
This could be your home and or work desk(give it a make over)
Let the Space ooze with Muse!!!

2. Life has a way of getting over crowded…schedules, outings, and to do lists…this Sunday just live!!!
Enjoy the football, family and fun…just go with the flow”)

As for Today’s homework…
Dear Universe,

I’d like more time to run, yoga, cuddle, cook, share, teach, dream, color, inspire, laugh, love and live this Bliss that is mine world!

Lil Miss Sunshine*


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