Be Open and Life will Simply Amaze Ya!

Day 25…100 Positive Attivities!

Morning All…only 75 days to go…do ya feel as productive as I do or what?! This has been quite a journey…and so much more to get excited about…like changing thoughts”)

Yesterday, was an inspiring day… Despite being the 10 year anniversary of 9/11/01…a tragic day…I didn’t loose anyone that day(luckily), but 6 years later my best friend was killed fighting the war on terror.  I didn’t think I’d ever see this date the same again, but after losing  Ryan…I was sure I wouldn’t…
Never be sure…Always be Open!

25. See things from another point of view!!!

The fact that I was so inspired yesterday was a lil surprising to me…Ryan would of been thrilled…proud…I finally got it…
He was always!!! Upbeat…making lemonade out of every small lemon, he was empathetic and wise to all the world was trying to offer us!
I try to live my life though that view…pushing for the next mile, smiling at the cranky, and if course loving the new Camera”)

Now that we have started Asking…how about some relaxed receiving!!!

1. Change your pattern of thoughts today, look at things though the eyes of your boss, co worker, spouse, etc…try to receive openly the gift the universe is trying to share though others and even through tragedy.

I will never completely get over the loss of such an amazing person, but I am a better person having known and loved Ryan…I am a stronger, childlike, inspired version of my old self because I choose to see/continue on through his view point…and others…

Everyone u meet has suffered, loved, and has a story to share…

2. Don’t take anything for granted…live today to it’s potential!
Remember critic is dead…fear is gone…life is amazing if ya embrace it!!!!

3. Grab your notebook…

My 1st page Reads…
Dear Ursula,
Write it down! Make it happen! No excuses!
I have art, doodles and cut outs from magazines of my current working pose (tittibhasana)…recipes I am perfecting, etc…
More over the book makes me smile and view my world from the eyes of a creative dreamer”)
Consider it your vision board on roids…lol

Keep Pushing, Keep Playing, and y’all Keep Skinny!


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