Keep Your Thoughts…

We made it over the quarter hump, sweet!

“keep your temper, dear” one of my favorite lines from Alice in Wonderland…Keeping your temper under control is probably something ya think of and try to do…I know I am aware of this…but my thoughts??!!

Day 26 Keep track of your thoughts!

Today I have swam, done yoga and I am still thinking about cellulite in my thighs??!!
Keeping a log of your negative thoughts for a day or two can help us establish patterns and eventually allow us to keep those thoughts from coming back.

1. Jot down any reoccurring bad thoughts over the next few days. Save the top 3 for later.

2. Pretend you are a friend of yours…answer those thoughts with rebuttals “what cellulite”
“you look amazing” etc.

Being Positive takes practice, a lil sweat and cheers!


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