Dwell Well, because NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!!!!

I know I am making progress on the journey. For several weeks now I have been able to leave negative or unwanted energy where is it…instead of bathing in it and bringing it home(huge success!)
My inner critic is pretty sleepy these days…almost non existent! This my friends is not luck or chance, but a conscious effort to avoid unnecessary suffering!!!
Pain is inevitable…SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL!!! I don’t opt to suffer these days…Who would?!

Day 27 Don’t Dwell on a Mistake!!!

Life is challenging enough without adding worry, drama, aniexty and well suffering! Today I will acknowledge NO ONE IS PERFECT!!! Mentality…
If I make lil mistakes at work, or in day to day life…I will seek to learn from it and quickly move on!
If I must Dwell…I will do it well…by focusing on the positive learning experience…I will not cause my own suffering!

1. Focus on your most recent accomplishment…spend a few minutes rewarding yourself(not with food, you’re not a dog)
With self love…a few minutes to read something ya love, a bubblebath, time with your besties…etc!

I have gotten up to 40 laps in my pool”) (unbelievable…maybe I’ll try guitar next)
I am so proud of the swimmer I am becoming…no more focusing on can nots…focus is on the try tos”)

2. Dwell well daily this week…journal in your lil notebook about how good it feels to learn new things!

Part of the joy of being truly alive is surprising oneself!
Your potential us endless…put your mind to the task and keep positive! Take that energy out into the world to keep mind/body skinny!


PS I am always available for comments, questions, or concerns cheflavendar@gmail.com

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