My SuperPower is Spreading Positive Energy…What’s Yours?? Day 27

There is a reason Divine gets all it’s business by referral, ya have your job, and Nadel( inspite of some losses this yr) still plays great! ABILITY!

I can admit it and it feels good when I am in this frame of mind…”I believe in my Abilities, I am good at my job” On these days life is just easy!!!

I know it feels like we’re addressing this inner critic thing like we’re beating a dead ??… I just can’t over
emphasize the importance of practice and positive self talk!!!
Yesterday after 10 weeks of practice and cheering myself on even when I fell on my butt… I finally started to perfect
a new pose in yoga. When I started making baking recipes healthy…many hockey pucks(lol) and practice batches later I had yummy cupcakes, in order to have a successful business I have to practice and excel in the areas of creativity and customer service! Nothing we want in life comes without
positive attitude,our natural abilities and (yes I’m saying it again)…practice!!!(except maybe the lottery, good luck with that”)

Day 27 Believe in your Abilities!

My friend Jessica ran an UltraMarathon last week and came in 7th!!!(31 miles) This takes so much more than great legs! She ran practices til she puked and put her mind in an incredible positive place to make it happen! And She’s already preparing for the next race! AMAZING!
Jessica has Ability!

My friend Christina is raising (the cutest) twins(briefly alone) while her husband is deployed to keep us all safe! It takes patience(boy does that take practice), drive and some kind of super human energy to handle a household under these circumstances…Christina has GRACE and ability!

My friends Erin and Stephi survived such undeserved heartbreaks this year…Both recovered amazingly quick(practicing yoga, eating well, self loving) and without hate for the f*****s who took their trust! (it takes such fortitude to forgive under these conditions) Stephi, while balancing grad school, a new job and a move…Erin, while
starting a company, managing another company and a move!
Stephi and Erin have INNER PEACE and ability!!!

These ladies are super heroes in their own
I am honestly surrounded by woman of Strength those are just a few examples…we all have ability beyond our wildest imaginations that we should always try to tap into!!!
1. Today list 25 abilities…tangible things ya excel at…running, mothering, forgiving…etc.

2. Set a big goal…I want to cheer ya on so post it below in comments section! We’ll practice together…Believe in our abilities as a team!

I can’t wait to hear your super powers!!!

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