Don’t let work be a negative Environment!!!

I have a lot of friends…I am so very happy to spend time with…share my life with…the ups and even occasional downs…but Negative People in my world…not anymore!

Energy is a funny thing…it is caught easier than a cold, lice, chicken pox…etc.(ewh!)
Positive Energy”TY Universe I’ll have some more”

Negative energy…don’t want it! Don’t need it! Quit forgetting your blessings people!!! Agh!

Day 28 It’s OK to avoid negative co workers.
Just because ya work with someone that doesn’t make ya friends! I don’t mean to sound harsh, but save that ear for a loved one or friend who
deserves your energy”)

1. Surround yourself with positive light, smile, continue sitting up straight, focus on your tasks. Negative co-workers will feel your joy and not want to speak to ya (misery <3s company) and your to happy”) Focusing on your work will keep ya to busy for ideal chit chat!
If all else fails pretend your on the phone.

2. If ya are the negative co-worker??”( bummer…but not all is lost…
Think before you speak
List 10 things ya are grateful for at work
Enlist a positive co-worker to help police your negative talk”)

1. I’m my own boss

2.I help people lose weight, eat better, and be positive

3.I get to taste test

4.My office is decorated too cute

5.I have great staff

6.Even better clients

7.I build the budgets

8.Vacation is easy to get:)

9.Patients thank me saves me too daily

Remember no one is happy all the time! But if ya love what ya do…ya never work a day in your life!


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