I believe I am the best at my job!

It’s today! Our Divine Dining Holiday Tasting”).  I am over excited(a lil nervous even?!) why!!! I know the food is yummy and I’ve been preparing set up for months…

Day 29. Believe ya are the best at your job!
Ironic day…I couldn’t of planned it better…

I am creative…serving all my items in cupcake liners…bc I am the cupcake chef”) My ingredients are all organic and even when we serve goodies(they are as healthful as I can makem’)

1. Today take a good look at the big work picture…how do ya feel about your work? How do other receive your work? What makes ya the best?

2. Enjoy your work…this is after all what helps us be our best!

Can’t wait to report on the festivities tomorrow or see those of ya joining us today”)


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