I Can Not Tell a Lie

Day 32. Be a Person Of your Word. Say what ya mean..mean what ya say.

I am not a parent, yet…but I hope to one day set an example for my children(an environment) where they can just be who they are. One day children follow your example, not your advice(shouldn’t these be one in the same!?)

My friend Cathy seems to be my best example this am, both her children spent their summers volunteering…a symptom of
having such a giving mother I am sure. She spoke to me just a few days ago about TRUTH…and how she’s explained to her daughter…if ya post it(facebook, twitter, etc) ya are standing behind those words…FOREVER!

This conversation really got me thinking…how much of what ya read, what people say is just watered down BULLS***?!
Plenty I am sure! My father always says” believe half of what ya see…none of what ya hear!”

I’d like to think though that we can be truly honest!!! At least with our family and friends?!

1. Write a confession(this is not religious) this is for ya alone…what have ya been telling yourself that just isn’t true!? Being honest with ourselves is the 1st great step to being OPEN in the world around ya!

2. Talk to your family, children, peers about the value of being honest and OPEN with one another!
In a world full of bullies, aniexty and fear be the little light at the end of a loved one’s tunnel”)

3. Keep it real! Use snopes if ya must, think be for ya post, type, and speak!!!

Keeping it Real helps us keep positive people around which definitly helps us keep skinny mind and body!


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