Day 33…Be glad your life is NOT boring!

I have been fighting off the sleepies since Sunday, have a few loved ones going through tough times, continue to run two businesses, my household, exercise, blogging, etc…I am BUSY…especially on Wednesdays!!! But NOT bored!

Day 33 Be glad your life is NOT Boring!
If nothing great or bad ever happened…it’s likely ya would get super bored!!! (I would) look at everything that happens as a new exciting challenge, a way to keep positively busy, and stay interested in your life.

Whether ya need a positive boost or you’re doing this section to help your family dynamic these small exercises may help!

1. List 3 areas of life that are never dull, and why this adds to life not steals your time!

1) my friends…they keep me real, on my toes, and giggling (Ty guys!)
2) my classes…practicing yoga for others as a teacher is a selfless gift and fun way to explore my mental strength trying to remember what we did from week to week”)
3) my pinterest obsession…it takes time but gives my crazy good inspiration and cute love quotes to share with my loved ones via text and FB

2. Create a bored jar(so fun) I did this with exercises too!!!
List our activities on tiny scraps of paper
Eg. Paint, play, kiss someone ya love, bake, etc
Then when ya are bored…draw from the jar”)

I hope this made ya stop and see your drama, stress and sometimes fears as a GREAT gift!


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