My To-Don’t List…Awesome way to Free Up Time…Day 34

Day 34 My To-Don’t List

Yesterday was an over packed Wednesday and Awesome!
I made Boredom Jars at the clinic(fun)! Taught one of my best Flow Yoga classes ever…meetings and madness in between…finishing the day at Spot with Stephi”) then home for Season Premier of Criminal Minds<3
All this talk of being busy got me thinking…to make time for family and personal life sometimes something has to give!!!???

Day 34 Make a To-Don’t List.
This is a quick list of things that can be ignored this week! I freaking love this idea!!!
To-Do list can be daunting, border on stalking even…and stress city!(crossing things off them is Sweet, but often times they are way longer than they should be!)

My List

1. Reading junk emails(they just want to sell things I can’t afford this week!) delete…delete…delete
2. Stressing about opening petition snail mail (I’ll save the chimps next week!) respond to what ya care about
3. Watching CNN (most of the news is bad and repeated a million times any who) use this time to paint or swim
4. Vacuuming (did this yesterday!)oh yay! A week off”)
5. Long run (did this Tuesday”) all short fun runs sounds like heaven
6. Try a new recipe (one week off won’t hurt and there are leftovers)
7. Reading Blogs (my book is so close to done…will read it instead)
8. Stress about well anything(life really is too good!) enjoy the moment!
9. Wait til last minute to fill gas tank(will stop today)
10. Gossip (pretty good with this, but need to walk away from others ideal chatter) feel guilty just listening

Glance at this list a few times to make sure silly(wrong) things are not sucking away your time!!!

These things should add 2+ hours of FREE time to my day…YES!
How much time can ya save??
Don’t worry about boredom…that’s why we made our jar 1st!


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