Get a Lil Perspective: How To Tell What’s Really Worth Losing It Over Day 35

Yesterday was fun and slightly productive. Cathy treated me to a fab veggie lunch, I wrote a few menus, and did Hannibal workout for 2nd day this week(now i am feeling the after affects (ouchie)

I have been trying to attain some upper body strength(my last known weak spot on my physical body!”)
As ya well know; I love to exercise now, but hate to lift or strength train…why?! Because it is REALLY hard!  Lol
Overcoming things has been a huge part of my growth in life. How do ya know when to fiercely fight on or how to call it quits and lay in bed or at the beach to recover?
I’ll give my workout a 3…it sucks to be sore…but is too worth it!!!

Day 35 Use a scale of 1-10 to rate life’s little/big events to keep perspective.

This is a lil trick I teach my patients to remind them(and me!) not all our problems are a 10!!!  In fact, if ya use this on the regular…y’all see most are a 3-4…meaning not worth using all on energy to be distraught over!

Here’s how I see this scale…
10- death of loved one(parent, spouse, child)
1- breaking a nail or waiting in a long line

Everything in between is for ya to determine based on your own circumstances.  My friend Jane says”let’s try to keep things at a 4″
This is a wonderful attitude to have.
I do realize life comes at us as it will!

At the time for me, Ryan’s death was a 100(off the scale)…but now I view it as an 8…so I don’t lose it daily(off the reservation) This kind of loss is nothing to make light of. In this same way my workout soreness is nothing to blow out of proportion!

1. Today I was see my challenges for what they are…mostly manageable!
List all items with number ratings.

2. I will share this tool with my family and friends”)


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