Days 36-37 What Can I Give Today?!

Day 36-37…100  Days of Positive Activities

Yesterday was a RACE day! Racing for a Charity is so
And there was live Reggae music at the end”) double WooHoo!

Patzi and I really enjoyed this race for hunger…and I am sure Stephi will enjoy her race for the cure next Saturday”) It is so rewarding to help others, but making sure those closest to us are getting the help and support they need is our family duty”)

Days 36-37 Charity Begins at Home!

1. Try inspire those around ya to
prevent illness by eating great and exercising regularly. Invite a family member or friend to dinner, yoga or some other fun calorie burning activity”)

2. Make sure if ya are giving $, ya are also saving $ for a rainy day”)
We just never know when we’ll need a nest egg!

3. Speak only kind words.

Giving of yourself in even the smallest way…can change someone’s world”)
Give BIG!

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