Day 38…Thanks for all that Positive Influence Universe…I’ll take some MORE!

Sometimes our Posse Gets Out of

100 Days of Positive Activities: Day 38

Two weeks ago my hubby decided to start eating a whole food plant based diet with me”) SCORE!  I love cooking(after all I’m a chef), but making multiple meals can be a lot of extra work for me. His decision has gained me a lil extra time…and these changes have made us closer”)

Now, we are both eating the same healthy meals and I don’t have to worry about being tempted by processed garbage food…it’s all gone. No one hear is missing it!!! We are both full of positive energy and I love sharing positive activities together…exercising and eating balanced has made our life just that much better”)

Day 38 Benefit From The Attitudes of others!!!
Sher and I are enjoying our food changes with joy together.
Have a friend who is always cheery and knows what to say? Take comfort in those who add positive to your world!
Everyone needs a posse, cheerleaders and team mates!

I am blessed to have a wonderful hubby, family and some pretty amazing friends! We post blogs together, share ups and downs, all while working hard to be optimistic for each other!!!!!!

1. List 12 positive people in your world and what they bring to your world that keeps ya positive.

1. Sher- humor, love and excitement
2.Katlyn- youth and wit
3.Patzi- trust and balance
4.Cathy- style and grace
5.Christina- perseverance and energy
6.Judy- abundance and time
7.Claudia- ideas and socializing
8.Yoga Students- movement and effort
9.Asia- creativity and ambition
10.Stephi- growth and strength
11.Jessica’s(not to lump ya in)- drive and progress
12.Erin- determination and fun

2.thank them!!

3. Try to be that same support for others! Send two happies a day for the next week…a quote, music or love note”)

Get with Happy!!!

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