Day 39: Being Playful…How Yoga Saved My Life!

Day 39 We’ve Come So Far…
Section 4 Fun/Relaxation…
100 days of Positive Activities

A friend of mine sent me a cool blog of a baker turned Skinny girl a few days ago…inspiring…but as I read her story I thought…Wow…I can’t relate to this at all?!?
Yes, I was fat once too! Yes, I’m a baker as well…and no I am not losing it!(my mind that is) I am sure someone relates…maybe lots of someone’s…I didn’t love to eat!
My reasons for eating too much of the wrong foods and not exercising were just different from this young girl…my self loathing was evident to everyone except me at the time…I was stubborn, defiant and proud!!!

“My name is Ursula Gatti, I’m 20 years old, I weight 180ish lbs, I can’t run my knees will kill me, I am too young to worry about my weight,I only ate 2 pastries today, drank a monster cola, and I hate myself!”

For me there was actually a point where I quit caring about my physical body all together.  I did not respect food as fuel. My mind was clouded with NEGATIVE thoughts”(
I was depressed and quite possibly vitamin deficient!

It is really hard to think back to that version of me…I don’t recognize her in photos and I think SO differently now. What I eat(or don’t eat now) and how much I move have everything to do with this change in me.

This same good friend who shared the story pointed out I have not shared an updated version of my weight loss journey in awhile?!(putting the focus on the POSITIVE…how far I’ve come!)
After all this is”)

I thought Day 39 maybe the perfect time to Play up my story(pun intended)

Day 39 Be Playful!

The old Ursula she sucked at this! Seriously…who was She?! She was uptight, worried and well sedentary!  Boring!!! BOOOO!
At 60+ lbs over weight it was hard to be playful…Hell it was hard to get out of bed some days.(Ursula?) I know who was this girl?!
She was me only less Sunshiny, Fun and well SKINNY! That moment now seems fleeting…as I am new PLAYFUL and improved.

How did She (the old Ursula)do it?
She decided she was worth more! She committed to 60 days straight of moving No Matter What…no Excuses!
Yoga got me moving, helped me play,  breathe, IT SAVED MY MIND…so I could save my body”) In later losses IT SAVED MY Life!
Bottom line, finding a playful activity was a catalyst for change in my world. The more I moved the better I felt…so I slowly added walking, then running, then weights, then boxing, then paddling, then swimming…I am running a 1/2 marathon in December(can’t wait!)

I’m still Stubborn(moving day and night) defiant (I meditate when other medicate) and of course proud that I have learned loving myself enough to live playfully is the only path to health and happiness I need!

Today’s Activities to get us all having fun!

1. Pick a playful activity to get yourself moving daily. offers free weekly yoga class, meet a friend for a walk, play a sport, play chase or hide n seek, jump rope, hula hoop, dance….

2. Color outside the lines…tell jokes, stand up for a cause, love someone who has disappointed u…(like yourself!)

3.document your fitness journey and eating habits(this is a personal policing system that has kept me skinny for 11 yrs now)

“My name is Ursula Gatti Rafer, I am 32 years old, 130lbs, I can run 8 miles, do 3 pull ups, 12 dips and swim 40 laps…I eat a whole foods plant based diet…And I Freaking LOVE my life!”

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