Want to Change the World? Be NICE!

100 Days of Positive Activities Day 40

I can’t believe 40 days have passed!   So quickly…but they didn’t pass me by…I feel so productive! The future is laying out day by day and I am actively present, and open to all the ways we can relax and have fun together for the next 10 days in this Section.
Hello newbies…Welcome and boy are we happy to be positive with ya!

Day 40. Be Nice!

Want a quick way to feel better when your a lil less than sun shiny?
Try doing something nice for someone ya care about!
Being nice will cheer ya up and ya are sure to make that person’s day!

-attitude is contagious

Alright, nothing is more important than practicing what ya preach…or as I like to quote”be the change ya wish to see in the world”.

How great would it be to be surrounded by NICE people?!?
Tuesday I had a day like this…My friend brought me a beautiful plant and breakfast(we had a wonderful visit), the clerk at CVS was nice, my hubby was sweet, my Tommy was sweet…ya get the drift.

Today’s Activities:

1. Share your motivation with someone! Help someone start or finish…or work on a goal. I am meeting my friend to run in am”)
Life is a team sport! Let’s stay playful!

2.  Be nice to a stranger…say hello, wave, open or hold a door, let a busy shopper cut in line…etc.

3. Make a new healthy recipe or a homemade piece of art or take a photograph of something NICE and share it!


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