Water…For Fun and Relaxation!

100 Days of Positive Activities:
Day 42…Embrace Water to Chill Out!

The last 2 days have been an anxious blur… I need to CHILL OUT!
Yes I exercised,
yes I ate well,
and no it wasn’t all bad…BUT a nightmare on Tuesday night(total lack of sleep) had me a lil off these last 2 days.
It happens to the best of us! Luckily…Getting back on track is not nearly the production  it used to be. Creating new habits to improve your attitude is totally life changing.
Instead of dwelling I can see my situation as TEMPORARY!!!
(Ursula, Finally! YAY!)
I feel like I am losing a different kind of weight now…a much heavier one…and as I lose these heavy old bad habits(self abuse, critical talk, excuses, etc) I get happier, healthier and well more RELAXED! Sweet!

Water is one of my favorite tools for getting back on track! Everything about water is therapeutic! I am loving spending more time in the water these days!

Today 1 will:
1. Drink lots of water. Dehydration is a total downer”(
We are 75% water so drinking 8-10 glasses is important to keep us running on all cylinders.

2. Two Words”Bubble Bath”
Umm…yep that is a no brainer…calgon take me away!

3. Run through a sprinkler, jump in a pool, dance in the ocean! Water is cleansing, renewing and just plain powerful!

So, Hot Shower, Warm Bed, And tomorrow will be better for sure”)


Water is necessary for HEALTH

One thought on “Water…For Fun and Relaxation!

  1. Pack up a beach bag and rinse off your troubles in our outdoor shower anytime. My favorite thing to do is have my feet in the ocean. We need water to live. So glad you are learning how to be nicer to yourself. You’re worthy of NICEST! xx

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