What We Should of Learned from Kindergarten! Day 45

Day 45…What Kindergarten taught us All!

Saturday’s run was a real physical challenge! I left at 5:30am thinking I’d breeze right through it…but when I hit the wet muddy horse track in the last mile all I wanted was to finish! I am not used to running in the sun and each step was like pulling my foot out of glue…boy did my legs feel it after! I’ve run a few 5Ks this year…easily! This was not that kind of race. I was happy I was Sharing the track with a friend!
My official time(sucked) for me anyways… 32:16 just over last weeks race time…damn!

Any who, my friend finished her 1st 5k in 29:29(awesome!) and we did have FUN…which was after all the point!
The recovery was a whole different thing?! We both slept away Saturday afternoon”) I actually slept on Sunday too”) in short this race kicked my butt!!!
Now I prepare for my next race it is only 2 weeks away on Oct 15th”)
I hope to run with a group of friends”)
Day 45 Find someone to SHARE with!!!

Umm, yeah so we should of learned this one in kindergarten!!!!! Never to late for a refresher!
Sharing is helpful to both the person doing and receiving”) I shared the race with Stephi by attending and she shared her drive with me by pushing out in front”)

1. Share an activity. Enlist a friend in trying a new hobby with ya. A run, arts and crafts a book club?!

2. Share a compliment with a co-worker, family member or even a stranger.

3. Share a talent with the world!

4. Share a memory with yourself by logging all 4 activities in your dream journal or posting them here”)

Sharing is Caring for others and your self”)


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