Inspiration to Stay Positive in the Most Negative Thoughts?? Day 46


Saturday’s run could of derailed my momentum?! Not Even!!! It has helped…I found new ways to focus on being present.
The last mile of Saturday’s run was so challenging I was not in the moment…I had to find my time online after the race?!? Instead of focusing on what I was doing…I was worrying about not making it across the finish line”)? Oh, Ursula, so disappointing!
I noticed this quickly, so no beating myself up…just forward movement to progress!

The longer I run the more I am getting to know myself, my limits, my ability to push on. I love following these positive activities and posting, but running is a true outlet. A way, a place to decompress from the day to day noise…to unplug and listen to my own thoughts…positive and negative…where does your mind go?
When it is quiet…what do ya think about?!
If your a yogini, boxer, swimmer,etc…ya know what I mean… But when did ya last try a new yoga class, a different sparring partner?? Change and challenges help us to live more presently.

Day 46 Monitor your stream of Consciousness!

1.Be aware of your thoughts and where they are leading your mind. We want to flood our brains with positive energy and thoughts.

2.Journal today: right after exercise or meditation(yes ya should find time for both daily!!!!!)

3.list 3 thoughts ya vow to let go of today!
-I am not enough
-I will never win anything
-the past is still to present to let go of

This task is harder than ya might think! The end result will leave ya open to yourself and possibilities!


PS thanks for inspiration Stephanie M.

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