The Purpose of Life: HAVE FUN!!!! Day 47

Yesterday was a truly earth shattering day for me!  I finally broke the 9 mile marker on my run!  I was so happy and proud I nearly cried.  This time last year was when I took back to running; with new sneakers and a commitment to a 5K and then Crescent city(10K) this past April, I was excited!  I could barely run 1.5!  It took lots of PRACTICE and determination to make it to yesterday’s run.

A few things that came to mind yesterday were all the 3 milers outside in the sun with Erin…barely making it back to her house, days I had to walk/run at the beach becasue 6 miles seemed impossible to run all at once!?! and my last few races which were FUN!  Now I live for these runs and they are my definition of FUN!!!!!

RE CAP:    Holy Crap, I love to RUN…lol…Shocking and Awesome!  If ya are just getting started running or exercising…PLease stick with it til it gets Fun…It always gets fun at some point…I Promise!!!!  Running has changed my spirit, attitude and my focus!

Day 47  Focus on the Fun in your life!!!!!

What better way to spend the rest of our days, but focusing on the fun!  There are only 53 days to go…we have almost made it half way through 100 positive activities…If any one thing sticks let it be this!

1. Have fun or find the fun in all ya do! Part of positive attitude exercises is to change our prespective.  I love watching little kids dart from the starting point on race day(lil rockets) they are just having pure fun…not logging race times or trying to keep their breathing patterns in check.  They are 100% present and experiencing 100% BLISS:)

Don’t get jealous get Joyous withem!

2. Write a list of 100 things ya enjoy doing! Yes, 100…no time limit, but I’d love to hear lists! Remember these are things ya can add to your boredom jar:)

1) Running

2)Breakfast with Claudia at J and J

3)Craft days with Stephi

4)rocking out to music with Sher and Tommy

5)St Augustine in Summer with my boys

6)planning menus that WOW!

7)Yoga in a new class

8)Eating a whole food Plant based diet

9)Pretending I’m Hannibal

10)Painting…(to be conti)

3. Redefine Fun!  Make that dreaded chore fun with music, or company…make homework fun, make cooking fun, laundry fun…Be creative!!!

Everyone likes to have fun…Attitudes are Contagious…Make your FUN and worth catching:)





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