Find Joy in Wasting your Time! Day 48

It’s 7am and I am already sitting at the courthouse waiting for Jury Duty to begin.  Boo…Hiss…loud sigh!!!
I am not a fan of our legal system(understatement!) Can ya tell??
Yes, I have a good reason-it’s the $300 that leaves my bank account each month for the last year (another to go) because I was unfortunate enough to be employed briefly by someone who is now in prison for a ponzi scheme!  Oy! Long not at all positive story…bottom line the system in my opinion-Broken!!!!!

So looking for the good??? Hmm…
Day 48: The Joys of Wasting Time!
Jury Duty IS a great way to waste a day…I brought my new runner’s world magazine, veg times magazine and my beer recipe book…
I have a pumpkin scone, and a decaf soy latte…and no intention of holding my tongue…hehe!

Sometimes wasting time is a good way to get creative and reflect…
Honestly; I rather waste time lying at the beach, but this will have to

1. Sit idle for at least an hour today. Listen to music, watch tv(wow, don’t normally recommend that!), lay in the sun, at the pool, practice Savasana!

2. Gift leisure time to someone else…babysit, run an errand, cook a meal…give someone ya care about a bit of time to waste!

…quess I should of brought the boredom jar… 
Often we’re trapped in lines, traffic, places we rather not be…that’s life!
Remember: It is a choice to make the best of all situations in life! Choose positive thinking…y’all never be sorry that ya did!!!!


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