Laughing At Myself Day 49

It is day 49 and I am so excited to report we have almost made it half way through 100 days of positive activities!  I’d like to just say I am so proud of myself and all of ya for commiting to this journey!  Being the change we wish to see in the world can be a HUGE challenge…But we are Worth it!

I spent sometime this morning reflecting on old posts…look at all we’ve done…I see such improvements in my mood and over all well being. It is funny to me now that I wasted energy on meaningless things just because of old bad habits!

Life is too short for that! Now my life is full of positive and healthy friends, it is no longer a challenge (most days) to exercise and do things for myself…I do see the positive in things…ALL THINGS!

I LIKE WHO I’M BECOMING>>>A LOT! And I hope this journey is opening ya to loving yourself too!

I am asking the right questions, spending time with the right people and using energy on right actions:)

“Would I be doing this IF I knew today was the last day of my life?”

-Steve Jobs  (yes, Steve, and thanks for that question…I too will use this daily)

This week we lost a great visionary in Steve Jobs! But he believed in living life to the fullest and he did just that!!!  I think there is some comfort in that.  I think that even death can be a positive when we know that person that is gone didn’t waste a minute!

When that someone is like Mr.Jobs, or my friend Ryan…Embracing life, Even being able to laugh at themselves rather than dwelling on things that can’t be changed…taking an active roll in their own worlds! Life is a participation sport!

Day 49 Learn to Laugh at Yourself!

Laugher burns calories:) Is contagious and allows us to let go RELAX…be loose:) and have FUN!

1. In honor of Mr.Jobs, Ryan and others gone to soon(but who still left such a positive mark!)…let go a lil today…laugh at a fear,mistake or short coming ya have…and then try again! How will ya know the limit until ya giggle your way through it!

2. Email a friend a silly picture or quote:) Nothing feels so great as sharing a laugh!

3. Watch a funny movie or program on TV…vowing to belly laugh at least 3 times this weekend!

Tomorrow we start a new Section and reach 50 days! WOOHOO!…Let’s end Fun and Relaxation with HAHAHA! And COngrats!

Even Tommy Realizes the Benefit of A Good Chuckle!






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