Congrats! Day 50-51…HALF WAY THERE!

Days 50-51


Yesterday was a near perfect day! Patzi and I ran the track in-spite of the rainy morning, sipped some yummy french press coffee, I had a yummy lunch and corona light with Christina S, and I spent the afternoon inside and out enjoying the wind and projects!

I thought for days 50-51 we should just reflect.  I looked back over the last 50 days and saw lots of progress. I read some journaling, pondered my vision board and learned how some dreams or goals  change even in 50 days! It is ok to let a goal go if ya really are not pointing your ❤ in it!

1. What have ya let slide?
Is your inner critic still in check?
We set lots of goals in this 1st 50 days…have we kept them? 

My runs are getting soooo much better, but I am still getting nervous over $, and have not kept up with my prepaid ballet lessons"( I am recommitting to my schedule this week.

2. Return to your mantra: recite these words to live by daily again until they stick!
"Amber is the color of your energy"

3. What has been your biggest challenge and why?

Flossing…I do it like 2-3x a week, but my goal is daily…need to paint a reminder painting like my kitchen sign.

Read your last name list and positive qualities list. Post your 100 enjoyable activities!
Review, reflect and Revive your enthusiasm!
I am most proud of my self this week for not taking on my husband's stress and mood…I was a strong cheerleader and I could not have done it without this 50 days of positive activities")

Tomorrow starts our Section Money and Value.


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