Manage Money Madness this Monday!!! Day 52!

A 100 days Positive Journey 
Section 5: Money/Values

Day 52: Saving is No Joke! 

I am so blessed to be starting with a new client this am”) Times are financially difficult for a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean we have to react negatively!  There are ways to save that are not too hard…in fact, I think it could be fun!

Let’s enlist our family and friends to make small changes with huge impact!

1. Start a saving club: grab 2-3 friends to help!
An errand club… 1 person drives each week to cut back on gas…try to get all stops done in one day and close together”) -monthly savings $60

Start a nail club: meet friends to do at home mani and pedi -bi weekly savings -$56

A fitness/run Club
Meet At parks, beaches or homes
-monthly savings $20+ depending on your gym membership

2. Put that money (From #1) ya would of spent into a piggy bank
($2 a day minimum!)

3. Give up an unnecessary vice…daily latte…make it at home…love my French Press”)
Weekly bottle of wine, or fast food stop…something ya do a few times a week…
If ya go daily-go once a week…
If ya just stop here and there-go 1x a month…

Put this extra money in an envelope
marked “for later”

4. Ask a friend to do these things with u…report to one another about your savings”) Be honest with this friend AND YOURSELF about your habits!

5. Ask another friend to help ya finish a goal from the 1st 50 days…how? …exchange a timeline with them…you pace out their goal over 3 weeks and have them set up your timeline…it is often easier to see the end of someone else’s tunnel”)

I know spending can be fun and soothing…but Saving will empower us! I feel the wealth and success already”)


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