Beat Holiday Budget Blues! Day 53

Holiday Budget Blues Solved!
Day 53

Every website I’ve ever read about budgeting says that we should log every purchase for 30-100 days?! What? When? Umm, yay I don’t think so…
I’ve tried…it’s just not a good system for me.  I want to be smarter with my money! I do like to budget, but not every penny on lists?!

Here’s my plan-“for later” envelope from yesterday…is the only extra money we will spend on social/fun extras for the next $50 days! 

I have a manageable home budget. (I will post this over the weekend for those that need assistance) and

SAVING we have started…now comes the tricky part! Don’t Spend!

Having a cushion in your account will make ya feel freedom like never before!!!

Build Budgets Day 53

The holidays are quickly approaching…food, gifts,travel, etc it all adds up quick!!!

1. Set a budget for your gift giving this year-STICK to IT!!!
List all the people ya want to give to, the cost and the gift next to each name…(20 gifts max, everyone else gets a nice handmade card!) in a perfect world with Scrooge money we’d not revise…but life’s not perfect.

Take half your list and commit to hand made gifts under $8 each.
(people appreciate time and creativity)

Take 1/3 of what’s left and give a group gift or commit to not exchange and spend time together instead”) MORE FUN!

Give the best stuff to kids and parents(for the obvious reason!)

2. Only travel this year if ya have 3-6x your rent in savings! Missing loved ones is hard…but Skype is free!

3. This is a hard one ladies-NO NEW Clothes!!! No dresses, shoes, purses etc(unless from thrift store under $10!) we only wear this expensive crap 1 time”(
Try a friends closet?”) 
Remember hair appts cost enough during holidays and we are trying to save and keep it simple.

Put Value back into the parts of holidays that matter


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