We All Can Add VALUE to this World!!! What Do ya VALUE? DAY 54

I value my wonderful sisters and being lucky enough to have 2 amazing dad's!!

Day 54…What Do ya Value Most? Why? What does it say about where/who ya are in life now?

The world economy is falling apart,(DUH) because collectively we have lost a sense of what Value really means?!?

We over pay our athletes to act like spoiled BRATS(NBA season delayed 4 weeks already :(…there was almost no football)

We care about the name stamped in our clothes, on our shoes, etc(FYI, most of this stuff(CRAP) is not made in the USA??!!)

We actually helped to open a mall and a KFC in Afganistan(WTF, as if that is what they need??!!)…I could, unfortunately go on and on…I’ll spare us the guilt and depression!  Please take a minute though to acknowledge what ever small parts ya play in all this!!!

I have been known to shop when my savings is low for things I dont NEED…for shame!  I just finally got my credit back in check, after getting married at 17??(yes my parents should of locked me up, I was nutty then!) almost destroyed it and me…for shame! 

We all play some part, but we can FIX THIS! 

We have spent the last 2 days working on ways to start saving cash.  I look forward to doing this for the next 46 days…actually for life!

I have a few bucks in my “for later” and I plan to purchase my piggy bank today. I want a bank that will make for cute decor as well(the value of a smile…under $8 bucks:)…from Target? Maybe Etsy.com?

Any who, having extra cash flow will be AWESOME, but today I want to discuss VALUE:  relative worth, merit or importance.

Day 54 What do ya VALUE?

1. write a list of things that have no $ value, but are worth millions to ya!

This morning as I was walking Tommy the TRAMA HAWK flew over my home(PRAYER) I value living so close to Delray Medical that each time this happens I am reminded of how lucky I am that I am my loved ones are safe!

I value my new found support of runners(Jessica, Patzi, Stephi, Claudia, Misty, etc) we all work to inspire each other and push ourselves for health and stress relief!

I value growing up poor, loving thrift store shopping, crafting, nature walks in parks with my lil bro and sis, not being a brand whore(hehe) and learning/understanding hard work is what gives us personal value, not the size of our pay check!

I value my health, my life and want to show that through my actions(Ryan is my inspiration…I want to live fully to honor his memory and spirit!)

2. Start a discussion at home about VALUES with your spouse, children, friends… Common Values is what will help us grew as a family, team, and nation.

3. What can ya do to share VALUE with others?

I volunteer.  I post inspiration quotes.  I try to live by example, my truth in hopes that it will start a ripple that becomes a wave. I never forget where I came from…or where I am going.  I know how lucky(blessed) I am even when I feel slighted by life!!!! I exercise and cook for and with others.  I dream BIG!!!

Let’s spend today Happy no matter the amount of money in our checking account…knowing that our real values are things we can HUG!




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