Day 55…Living Like Asia!!!

Wow, Day 55…
Seems the days are just flying by!
We only have 5 days to go in this section…keep up the amazing effort!

Today is one of my oldest(meaning how long we’ve known each other) and sweetest(not just because she’s a cupcake chef!) birthday’s! Happy Birthday Asia!!! 
What does Asia have to do with positive attitude, and our money and values lesson(EVERYTHING!)
This gorgeous risk taker went from Tattoo Artist to Chef this year…to make more $ and do it in the most positive way-doing what she enjoys-Cooking. 
Making money doing what you love makes ya feel like ya never really work…hehe…Smart Girl!   

Today she is hosting a bake sale in Louisiana-Baking for Bonni(see Facebook for details) to raise funds for a Cure in honor of her bestie taken way to young!!! (if your local…what are ya waiting for-go get cupcakes, s’mores and more!!!)

Day 55… Asia Day-turn every negative into a positive!

I was never good at math, but boy has Asia found a way to add to the world while she enhances her finances…and still has time fir charity, children, etc.

1. Find work ya love…even if it is just a second part time job.  Being happy and proud of how ya make money is super important.

My friend Stephi just started Bracelets by Stephi…so excited for her!!! Being your own boss…especially these days is a perfect solution to a lot of work/money negatives!

2. Work with a charity…or if your truly Asia like: Start your own!! 

I get so much out of my work with,
Charity races, and many others!

3. Let go of any money fears!!!
Money does not define us…sometimes we have a lil…other times lots…don’t let money manage your mood! 

Work smart, dream big and remember keeping a skinny wallet isn’t the end of the world…SIMPLE ROCKS!


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