Are Ya Cheating Yourself Out of Your Best Life? Day 56

Old Habits die-hard!!!! Boy do I know it! BUT THEY DO IN FACT DIE! How?

We KILL THEM…by creating new habits and Positive Thoughts!

In the past 2 years I have successfully taught myself to rethink and reassess all thoughts that are negative!(this does not mean I dont have them…it means I dont focus on them)

I am a girl who once struggled to run a mile…running 9 with ease now! A girl who once let others deem my happiness…now I build my own! I was a late night snacker, a whiner, a drama magnet, even…All these things are finished.  I eat what’s good for me…when I’m really hungry, I try not to hang with people who choose unhappiness and drama…My life is SO GOOD and I am enjoying it!

What does this have to do with our money section?? Nothing is worth more than learning to change your thinking!!!!!  Ya can’t buy a better attitude, coping skills or happiness…Ya most cultivate it…surround yourself with happy, inspiring people and work hard…Money will follow(at least enough to be content) and the real reward is Peace of mind!

In the last few days I have seen how easy this really is (WITH EFFORT) and how difficult it can be when ya beat yourself up mentally and let that inner critic rule your mind.  I told ya about Asia’s success yesterday! (She raised $800 for Bonni’s charity…SWEET!) She took a hard loss and turned it into hope for others like Bonni(Asia she would be SO PROUD!!!!)  She like any normal person had obstacles to face death, divorce and doubt…but she made no more excuses and chose to RECEIVE POSITIVES!

Stephanie and I chatted at coffee yesterday about how her lay off was a gift in disguise…And how quickly she saw that because she was no longer thinking of negatives. She really has control over her own happiness too…and in a day already has a new job.  Proving: ATTITUDE IS ALTITUDE!

Attitude is also a choice!  Sometimes life is hard…extremely hard…A loved one’s death, added work loads, weight loss goals slow going, that unfinished todo list… I could list a million excuses for MISERY…But it is always a choice!  Pulling ourselves together is only possible if our physical body is being taken care of…ya must eat(healthy and regularly), ya must move and get out into the fresh air outdoors, and ya must even in despair remind yourself that all feelings are fleeting! TEMPORARY!

A WORST CASE STORY: A friend of mine had a friend commit suicide yesterday(BEAUTIFUL AND 27 YEARS YOUNG)…How awfully sad! (My heart breaks for a life was wasted and she must of been in  such pain) She had 2 children…How awfully selfish! ( My heart breaks for these 2 who loved her more than she loved herself!)

THE LESSON: Never allow the weight of your negative feelings to be greater than the time ya spend with family, friends and fun!  Senseless deaths like these can be avoided if we reach out and refuse to cheat ourselves out of the good life. Isolation is often the beginning of the end! It is never an answer and everyone feels bad sometimes so there is no shame in pain.  NEVER BE Scared or embarassed TO ASK FOR HELP!!! Depression is a serious fight that should not be handled alone.

Everyone deserves to try to live their best life!

I recently joined a blog called The Receiving Project…I was inspired by my friend Cathy’s yoga practice to do this. She is always asking the universe for more and bursting with the joys of receiving…I wanted to learn how!!!

I am becoming more and more open over the last few months, but have not really asked for much. How can ya receive if ya never ask!?! I want to actively cultivate more possibilities in my own world…so I can help all of y’all try too!

Each Day I am required to do nothing except be open to receiving something great! For the last 2 days it was new clients($ score) and today it was a sense of calm running the beach and reflecting on how much I have overcome in the last 6 years since Ryan has been gone.  I am the strongest I have ever been, my marriage to Sher<3 is the strongest it’s ever been and my friendships are the healthiest I’ve ever had…but it isn’t luck…it’s drive to LIVE MY BEST LIFE!


1. Look for positive things actively today. Share a list of 25 positive happenings!

2. Commit to loving yourself more than any negative feelings ya have.

3. Write a letter to your left over baggage…Letting it know ya are moving on with shiny new luggage called “Positive Attitude”…give this letter to a friend to mail to ya in 2 weeks as a reminder!

Remember…We all fall down…it is the getting up that matters!







“I get it now! my motto’Ya get out of it what ya put in to it” someone said to me at the clinic this week!

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