Days 57-58 Taking Time to Figure Out What Ya Really Want Most

When I am feeling a little negative about money and my future I try to take time to reflect on what I want most.  Usually, these wants have lil todo with money.
The receiving project is helping me with the asking…now I just have to be on the look out for the things I want most! Remaining open is the key.

Focusing on money and things of value these last few days has been an awakening to all I already have. The abundance is overwhelming! 
I hope ya are finding this as ya look at your world too! 
If your not…don’t beat yourself up…sometimes we have to reframe our world to see all the beauty, and joys around us…WE ALL HAVE THEM!

Day 57 ReFrame
1. Meditate this weekend to empty your mind of worry…allow space for values.

Day 58 Having What I Want

2. Create a top 5 wants list material and free things are ok.

3. Ask for 2!


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