Day 60: Section 6: Facing Challenges. Are Ya Always BUSY?!?

Do Ya Have the Busy Bug?? Day 60 

Section 6 Facing Challenges

I have always been an overachiever. A quality that in my 20s I prided myself on…working 3 jobs, going to classes at PBCC and dating Ryan…he never understood why I had to fill every second of everyday?!? (probably FEAR…a story for another blog)

“Just Relax Yogini” he’d say! Looking back; he was so right!!! And I wish now that I had spent more time at the beach, more time receiving from the universe, more time with him and our friends…

ok, well I can’t go back…but I’ve learned from this…so now a days I am spending more time “off”. 

It’s Tuesday! Tuesday is actually my day off…paperwork for a new class at a new clinic is the only work I plan to do today”) oh, and running to the market for Sher’s eggs…oh, and… See it quickly gets out of control…lol…I am type A, but…

It’s my OFF day”) yay!
I am cuddling my Tommy as I type this on my I phone”) My run was rained out…Hannibal inside will do”)

A vast improvement from my hyper busy days; is a day like today…grocery, visit Cheryl, lunch with Rachel, paperwork, home…as season in South Florida starts though I find it is becoming a challenge to not be uber busy and uber over booked!!!
I hear a lil voice of reason…STOP…while ya still can!!!

“When we are in a frame of mind where we are not able to receive much or at all, we experience a sense of lack…whether that is a lack of prosperity, time, inspiration or whatever.  Generally we feel abandoned and alone when we forget to receive.  Cultivating an awareness of the gifts that are present as well as a willingness to truly receive shifts our attitude towards joy, ease and fun.”

Day 60 Stop being SO darn BUSY!
AKA learning to say “NO THANKS!”

Thank goodness my new boss is also my friend…I had a choice of time slot for my new class, but had to move it 3 times in a 10 min text  to accommodate my over packed schedule! Oy! 
 I want the extra class for the obvious reasons: making a difference in others eating/exercise habits…(extra cash), but find my days are still packed with work I’m not paid for(totally my fault!)

1. Say “No thanks!” to any invites for the next 4 weeks. No networking, no free guest blogs, no more gifting of our talents… It’s not personal it’s opening us to receiving from unlikely sources!

I have committed to ❤ yoga, running 4 races, ballet, girls night out EOW, swimming laps, brewing my own beer, helping Stephi with Craft shows, Marietta's Shower, teaching Basics of Vegan Cooking and 3 new clients in the last month…plus taking care of my sweet hubby and puppy… things I am happy with!!! And it is enough!!!

2. Take 2 things off my to do list for the next 3 weeks…little things I can really ignore without guilt! To don't lists RULE!

3. Take 5! Heck take 10 mins 3x a day to breathe, smile, and giggle at how productive we are…celebrate and nurture u! Or who will??

Learning to face small challenges over the next 10 days is going to be tough…but I think at 60 days in we are so ready for the big changes ahead!

Still Skinny!

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