Day 62…Quitters Never Win…Winners Don’t Quit!

Another busy day ahead…2 dozen chai tea cupcakes already baked, shopping lists made, banking paperwork together and I am loving this fall weather(FINALLY!)

A little over a year ago I was having trouble in my business. I couldn’t find any good help, my cupcakes were no longer fun to make(because there was no profit) and I was seriously considering another career change. Once ya work for yourself…it’s very hard to work for someone else…especially a big Corp!

I had a challenge to face. My options were giving up and risk feeling like a quitter or buckling down, working longer hours, and taking some risks to be a success!

Well, I am still in business today and both divisions of my company(food/fitness) are booming! Hooray!

Day 62 Don’t Let Yourself Quit!

Anything worth having is worth the hard work and hours ya have to put in…10,000 hours and 100,000 connections is what it takes to be an expert in your field(
This is not just business advice…don’t quit exercising, learning new hobbies…anything that adds to your world try to stick with at least 60 days!

1. Review the Pros of your challenge…make a list of
reasons to keep at it.

2. Enlist friends or family to cheer ya on.

3. Keep looking for the lil lessons and remain open”)


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