Day 63, 64 and 65…3 Life Lessons for Facing Challenges

Today is technically my 1st of 3 days off, but in the spirit of our facing challenges…I decided to get a few things done and out of the way so that Sunday I can truly enjoy a lazy day.
Stephi helped me in my office this am. One of my biggest life challenges is always Space…I never have enough of it?!? Anywho, I finished some contracts, returned some emails, did a Michael’s run and now I am ready to list our next 3 days activities.
Facing Challenges is not optional! Ignoring or avoiding negative activities is ok sometimes, but usually there is a reason we are facing these obstacles(a lesson to be learned)and nothing feels as good as completing or defeating something challenging.

63. Take it Head on!

A good friend of mine is doing a fitness obstacle course tomorrow(she’s a little nervous). I am sure she’ll meet the challenges smiling and do way better then she thinks!
Meeting challenges head on and just giving it your all is all any of us can do!

1. Take a minute and Visualize your next challenge/mission complete. Imagine yourself at your best…and ya will be.
Our thoughts can either boost us up…or psych us out…choose the boost!!!

Day 64 Don’t Let a Loss Stop Ya!

I was disappointed to only run 1.7 this am”( I shouldn’t be!
Less does not equal Loss! My poor friend Jessica has been sidelined by a foot injury and has taken it as a sign to renew her love of yoga while she heels”)
(Smart Cookie!)

2. What is a loss really? Take a few minutes to gain perspective clearly…did someone die??
That is really the only losses that should temporarily slow our positive attitude. Any other losses are simply challenges to embrace as LESSONS”)

Day 65 Face Up To Change.

The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and(ya get it) and expecting a different result! If your body won’t let ya run-try yoga! If your nervous about a race, new client, 1st Date-try meditation or positive self talk, if ya aren’t getting the results ya want in life-Face up to needing a change!!!

3. Commit to change one negative habit, idea, or personality flaw.

4. List how and why ta will do this!

I need to be ok with taking days off from exercise, trusting my eating habits, and loving my physical body enough to rest! Reminding myself that 6 days of exercise is way more than adquate and that I will enjoy things like my long runs more this way.
How? Scheduling Thursday as my official off day!
Why? Because I love myself and my strong physical body!

Facing Challenges is enlightening…I love who I am becoming! Hope y’all love yourself more too!

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