Day 66…Learning to Walk Away…From Drama

Sometimes the people we love most MELTDOWN…sad, but not our problem.

Day 66 Walking Away from Drama

To say Yesterday was a challenge would be an understatement.  The person I love most had a really bad day, and although I am sure he didn’t mean it…he was nasty and aggressive to all of us around him”(

I could of tried to engage, been a problem solver…that is old Ursula behavior.  He needed space(Lots of it)!!!
So I ran errands and kept out of the path of destruction so to speak!  We all have these kind of days, but sharing that kind of energy is just yucky!!!!

1. Look at the situation can ya actually help…if not walk away calmly.

2. Don’t let the mood of another(even your love) bring ya down! Stay positive and if ya have to stay away from them.

The only person we can control is ourselves, so let’s lead by example this week!!!


2 thoughts on “Day 66…Learning to Walk Away…From Drama

  1. When someone is drowning, often rescue experts tell you NOT to try to save them because you’ll both drown. Sometimes the kindest ( from a place of heart) thing we can do is let someone figure it out on their own. Watching my son learn to swim almost killed me but in the end, by leaving him to figure it out, he mastered a life saving skill. When Alan had back surgery, I gave him lots of tender loving SPACE for the first few days and that was the best medicine of all. You done good kiddo! ❤

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