Day 67…Facing Food Challenges will Change Your Life!!!

Day 67…Did Ya Eat Yet??

Most days I am a fantastic eater. I keep to a whole foods plant based diet and it has helped me stay skinny and energetic!!! ❤ Yes, it helps that I'm a chef")

But, Eating can be a real challenge for a lot of us.  I remember those days, where good intentions are derailed by fresh baked cookies or a frosty mocha latte thingy")… Alas, I am so much more controlled now…listening to my bodies signals..except on days like today…WHen I am SO BUsy!!!!!

Cooking for 2 private clients and a tasting today made me feel like I was eating all day! I didn't, I hadn't,???

Skipping meals, or snacks can be a huge set back in your day!

A protein shake at 7am and no wonder 1230 came along and I am starving and starting to get a head ache!!?? 

Day 67 Plan your meals and Snacks and set yourself up for Success.

1. Spend this week cleaning out the junk food(that piece or 2 of Halloween candy is enough)

Your not your dog! Don't reward yourself with food!!!!

2. Commit to 2 hours each week of either packing bag lunches or making dinners ya can freeze ahead.

 If your blessed with extra funds hire a private chef like me to do it!")

3. Think and Drink before ya eat!

8 oz of water down the hatch 1st will help ya to gauge if that hunger is real and not thirst!  Do ya need what your about to eat? Are ya snacking in front of the tv mindlessly? Did ya remember breakfast?

Remember Food is Fuel!


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